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All Your Fitness Answers

All Your Fitness Answers
Congratulations to Katie Reiser, who just placed 1st in the 60 meter dash at the Sid Sink Bowling Green Meet with a blistering time of 7.76 sec. She also placed first in the 55 meter dash at the Ohio Northern High School Indoor meet held on 1/2/2010 to rank her number in the State of Ohio for that event!

Also Kalia Gardner placed second and Jade Turpening placed 5th both who have been trained at Your Fitness Answer.

Now is the time for all you track athletes and any other athlete to get a good base and a jump on your competition. Indoor track starts in the end of December and first in January. Athletes are now signing up and training. Soon we will be all booked up

Spend a little now or ten times or more later!!!

Currently 90% of the athletes that are seniors that have completed two Speed Performance Training packages have received college athletic scholarships. Some of these athletes have made it to State Championships and some to National and one in the European championships.

Even if you are in training for or current participating in your sport you can still train once a week or every other week to maintain your speed, agility, core strength, vertical jump, lateral movement and explosiveness!

Go to the Speed Performance Testimonials to see what other athletes are saying about their experiences in the Speed Performance Program. Then read the article below titled "Leader of the Pack"

The following is just a small list of athletes that have trained here at Your Fitness Answer: Meshawn Graham, Princeton Bryson, Meg Bellino, Aeric Clay, Joy Franklin, Emma LaBeau, Justin Linzy, Erika Schmidt, Blair Skilliter, Jill Whitman, Katherine Jamieson, Nick Snoad, Lucas Whitman, Tyler Winkleman, Anthony Giarmo and Makonnen Rice.

Coaches pick your most advanced athlete and come see how they compare to athletes that have completed the program I think you and your athlete will be very enlightened!

We are also the only facility in this part of the state that has a vibration platform that can handle up to a 1200 lb load. Vibration training allows the athlete to train at optimum levels for the most effective workout to date, causing the athlete to have a higher vertical jump, quicker lateral movement explode faster in the 20 yd dash, 40 yard dash and increase lifts in any movement.

It also helps the elderly, people with type II Diabetes, MS clients and anyone concerned about losing weight! Russia invented it for their Olympic athletes, and NASA uses it for their astronauts for exercising, increasing metabolism and bone density. This device:

* Increases metabolism up to 20%

* Increases bone mineral density up to 36%

* Improves balance in the elderly

* Decreases rise time in elderly from a seated position

* Enhances circulation

* Great for patients with MS or brain injury. Improves the mind/muscle neural pathways

Your Fitness Answer has all your fitness answers for sports performance training, speed training, personal fitness trainers and personal trainers in Toledo, Maumee, sylvania, Holland, Perrysburg, Springfield, Whitehouse, Waterville, Delta, Rossford, Swanton, Oregon, Ohio, Bowling Green, Ohio and also Monroe, Dundee, Milan, Erie, Luna Pier, Whiteford, Petersburg, Flat Rock and Carlton, Ida, Adrian, Michigan.

We can help you, whether your need is weight loss, toning, aerobic fitness, strength training, cardio training, or being to improve your sport such as: basketball, baseball, football, soccer, golf, swimming, volleyball, track and field, lacrosse, softball, sprinting, improving 40 yard sprint time, long jump, high jump and wrestling.

Link to Next Level Football, where our Athlete of the Month Blair Skilliter was highlighted Link to Next Level Football, where our Athlete of the Month Blair Skilliter was highlighted.

Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack.

Your Fitness Answer plays a major role in Scott's life Click here to read the October article "Your Fitness Answer plays a major role in Scott's life" in the Healthy Living News!

Inhibition of osteopenia by low magnitude, high-frequency mechanical stimuli Inhibition of osteopenia by low magnitude, high-frequency mechanical stimuli.

Adaptations of Bone to low Magnitude Vibrations result in more uniform stress and strain under load Adaptations of Bone to low Magnitude Vibrations result in more uniform stress and strain under load.

Hormonal responses to whole-body vibration in men.Hormonal responses to whole-body vibration in men.

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Wizard World Click Here To go the new softball training facility in Springfield called Wizard World.

Body Mind Spirit DIRECTORY Click Here To go the Body Mind Spirit Directory.


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